Thursday, October 25, 2007

30 DAYS>>>>>

Time sure flies when you're having fun, working hard OR juggling a newly adopted daughter and two parents with illnesses and injuries. My mother went into the hospital on Sept 20 and has gone home yet. She injured her back early in Sept and through a series of misadventures is now rehabilitating in a an intermediate care facility. Bev's mom has been diagnosed with Kidney cancer. She will have surgery next week.
I also took a few days by myself and flew out to Denver to visit my granddaughter, Meredith. She SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute ! ! !

ON TOP OF THAT, we have a new DOG ! ! ! His name is Cash. He is a really a sweet and laid back dog (which is good).

Katya is doing good. We still struggle with a few issues, but a week ago we started a new system of rewards and consequences using a points system and monetary reward. It greatly reduced our two biggest struggles (going to bed and taking a bath everyday).

She is s sweet kid and I'm convinced she will turn out OK ! ! !

By for now...

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